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A players' personal banner can be changed and viewed from the Main Menu. This banner serves as the background image for that users' information, which is displayed to players who are killed.

Banners can be used to signify level-milestones that have been reached, or to highlight a user as a Kickstarter backer, DLC (Supporter Pack) owner or Game Developer/Moderator.

Note: Special Banners consist of Kickstarter rewards and Developer/Moderator indicators, as such these are not obtainable by all players!

Regular Banners[edit | edit source]

Level 1: Chain 1[edit | edit source]


Level 5: Fleur 1[edit | edit source]

Banner_Fleur_1_locked. Banner_Fleur_1_unlocked.

Level 10: Gothic 1[edit | edit source]

Banner_Gothic_1_locked. Banner_Gothic_1_unlocked.

Level 15: Knotting 1[edit | edit source]

Banner_Knotting_1_locked. Banner_Knotting_1_unlocked.

Level 20: Mordhau 1[edit | edit source]

Banner_Mordhau_1_locked. Banner_Mordhau_1_unlocked.

Level 25: Chain 2[edit | edit source]

Banner_Chain_2_locked. Banner_Chain_2_unlocked.

Level 30: Fleur 2[edit | edit source]

Banner_Fleur_2_locked. Banner_Fleur_2_unlocked.

Level 35: Gothic 2[edit | edit source]

Banner_Gothic_2_locked. Banner_Gothic_2_unlocked.

Level 40: Knotting 2[edit | edit source]

Banner_Knotting_2_locked. Banner_Knotting_2_unlocked.

Level 45: Mordhau 2[edit | edit source]

Banner_Mordhau_2_locked. Banner_Mordhau_2_unlocked.

Level 50: Chain 3[edit | edit source]

Banner_Chain_3_locked. Banner_Chain_3_unlocked.

Level 55: Fleur 3[edit | edit source]

Banner_Fleur_3_locked. Banner_Fleur_3_unlocked.

Level 60: Gothic 3[edit | edit source]

Banner_Gothic_3_locked. Banner_Gothic_3_unlocked.

Level 65: Knotting 3[edit | edit source]

Banner_Knotting_3_locked. Banner_Knotting_3_unlocked.

Level 70: Mordhau 3[edit | edit source]

Banner_Mordhau_3_locked. Banner_Mordhau_3_unlocked.

Special Banners[edit | edit source]

Backer Banner: Conscript (20$)[edit | edit source]

Conscript (20$)

Backer Banner: Sellsword (40$)[edit | edit source]

Sellsword (40$)

Backer Banner: Knight (60$)[edit | edit source]

Knight (60$

Backer Banner: Baron (100$)[edit | edit source]

Baron (100$)

Backer Banner: Count (200$)[edit | edit source]

Count (200$)

Backer Banner: Duke (400$)[edit | edit source]

Duke (400$

Backer Banner: King (1.000$)[edit | edit source]

King (1.000$)

Backer Banner: Emperor (5.000$)[edit | edit source]

Emperor (5.000$)

Backer Banner: God-Emperor (10.000$)[edit | edit source]

God-Emperor (10.000$

Mordhau Supporter Pack: Mercenary[edit | edit source]