Medic Bag

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Medic Bag
Gear Medic Bag.png
Points 6
Gold Cost 300
Level Requirement ?
Item Type Support
Charges 4
Item Limit 2 minute despawn

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The Medic Bag is a tool which can be used to heal other players, albeit somewhat indirectly. It is used by the Footman default mercenary.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When used, the bag is tossed onto the ground and opened, with a first aid icon appearing above it for all injured players. A player who is not at full health can hold the interact button over a Medic Bag to instantly fully restore their health. Once a bag has been used 4 times in total, or remains on the ground for 2 minutes, it will vanish. Once a medic bag has been deployed, a new one can be retrieved by interacting with a Resupply Box.

Alt mode: N/A

Gear Cost: 6 points

Skins / Components[edit | edit source]

The Medic Bag has X skins.

Default skin component table
Component Cost ID Color Set

Historical References[edit | edit source]

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Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Medic bags can be used by enemies and allies alike
  • If a medic bag's flap is closed, that means it has been dropped rather than used normally - as such, interacting with it will pick it up rather than using it
  • Although the medic bag deals damage when tossed, it's an extremely slow projectile and deals almost no damage, making it highly impracticable for such a purpose.
  • Using a medic bag while Flesh Wound is active while not save the user from dying
  • If the user is struck by a melee weapon while holding the medic bag, it will be immediately dropped.